Patrick NOAH Afro Cuban Music

Patrick NOAH EN CONCERT live ce samedi 7 décembre 2019 à l’IFC de Yaoundé

Creator of AfroMusicS, a great traveler, Patrick Noah mixes rhythms and melodies from Africa and Cuba. He sings in French, Spanish, Beti, Lingala, Dioula, Creole and Yoruba…
Some people say that Patrick Noah is the most Cameroonian of the Cuban singers, and others say that he is the most Cuban of the Cameroonian singers. His three albums, his tours in Asia, South America, Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and France prove that he is more than that: an energy at the service of the love of others.


Patrick Noah sings the Strength of Women, the positive vision of life, the transmission of values of progress, the beauty of the interbreeding, the strength of cultures and their mixture.