TRIBUNE PATRICK NOAH FOR HIS NEW ALBUM: Why I chose the path of crowdfunding?

New album “Tecla”
3 August 2016
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TRIBUNE PATRICK NOAH FOR HIS NEW ALBUM: Why I chose the path of Crowdfunding on to finalize my new album “Tecla”?

In this third album “Tecla” I invite you to co-produce with me on, I sing in 7 languages: French, Spanish, beti, Lingala, Dioula, Creole Yoruba.

The album has 11 songs including “Tecla” the title you can listen on YouTube on the link and “Elegua” the introduction of the album vocals accompanied by my daughter Julie (10 years) and my son Yoann (7 years).

It has been said of me that I am the Cameroonian Cuban singers, or as Cuban Cameroonian singers. I sing the strength of women, positive outlook on life, the transmission of values of progress, the beauty of miscegenation, the strength of cultures and their mixture.

I vibrates Africa and I sweat Cuba. Africa, I distill humanity, the sense of sharing the joy of living. Clichés? But clichés that live. Cuba, I own musicality, sense of rhythm, the instinct of the moment.

As I often say it’s the music that saved my life: my grandmother singing of Saperia accompanied by my guitar ripped me a bad disease when I was a teenager when I die on a hospital bed in my village Cameroon.

academic training pharmacist, musician born and passion, music for me is like a medicine because it brings joy, comfort and well being. I like to smile, happiness and the joy of life to people through my music because it is important to bring something positive to others through our works and our deeds in this difficult and cruel world.

Patrick NOAH Cuba
Anecdote? The whole album was recorded in the city of Havana in Cuba. Sometimes the electricity cut, sometimes maddening heat, but the sound suffers through a working professional musicians than almost outsized. But that, you know that by pursuing the adventure with us!

Refined in Cuba, full of spontaneity and sincerity, this third album carries with it the best fevers: one that makes you want to dance.

Indeed in this album I collaborated with several high caliber musician friends who belong to Cuban groups known worldwide as Los Papines, Bamboleo, El Trabuco (Manolito Simonet). They have put their heart, their energy, their passion with the aim to share the legacy of our ancestors “tara” (those who left Cuba, the Caribbean, the Americas centuries ago with accidents history represented by them, those who remained in Africa represented by me) … is the mission that I give in my musical career.

Some only lines will struggle to summarize the long months of work we have already spent on this album. This is an ambitious project, alive, snaking and seeks to refine still more …
But now, after many months of composition, trips to Havana in Cuba, recording, mixing, the album is ready. Well, almost … because we have to complete its mixing and mastering.
Today is you, dear friends, dear visitors, dear supporters who could give life to this album via your contribution on from 01 October 2014.

With our production structure Association Afromusiques Culture, by bringing our own funds, we have invested nearly 3/4 of production costs on our own (about 15,000 euros). The project is ambitious because I want a high quality album with timeless music as usual, eclectic, and that affects the music lovers from all continents. Today we spent all our own funds and we have more money to complete the album. For the album can point his nose, we ask for your help, that would be on mixing fresh, mastering, and the shooting of a truly professional clip.

But to be sure the mix? The mixing of this album will be provided by Niko Noki, mixer and renowned editor, especially in the midst of Cuban music (Orishas) and world music. There are many projects under its belt, the rapper Passi eg with whom he won three gold records. Niko Noki is also a Grammy winner for his work with sound group Orishas who detonated the Cuban hip hop worldwide, and many other awards. Thanks to your funding we will have the necessary resources for the rental of mixing studios with engineers and achievement of mastering.
Havana, Patick Noah, cuba
You might find more information on all holders of this project via the small site that we have prepared especially for you

Get ready for October 1, 2014 to make your contribution on Join us so that together we can give birth to their third album.

Pulling my hat to the lowest,

Merci !  Thank you ! Gracias !  Abui ngang ! Botodi ! Initché ! E chéoun ! Grazie !  Dank ! Obrigado !
Patrick NOAH.
TWITTER: @PatrickNoah1

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