THANKS crowdfunding 3RD ALBUM
3 August 2016
TRIBUNE PATRICK NOAH FOR HIS NEW ALBUM: Why I chose the path of crowdfunding?
3 August 2016
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Dear friends crowdfunders Tecla my new album,

I wanted to give you some news of the album which you are co-producers and I will never stop thanking you for it.

In fact, the record label of research has not advanced as we wanted, which makes us a little sad I confess.

One main reason explains it. I moved since February 2015 in Benin in Africa to lead a pharmaceutical plant: opportunity that I had not expected but it took get hold of as a musician and pharmacist. Indeed I have parallel to my industrial pharmacist job which is my livelihood and that allows me to feed my family (yes I have to take my family leadership responsibilities father of 3 children … and if I contented myself income music only I can not do). Accordingly, the fact of not being physically present in Europe, the scope of my work in Benin and adapt to my new environment does not leave me enough time available to get involved fully in the search for a home disk capable of defending fervently Tecla this beautiful project that we produced together.

We set off again this fourth quarter 2015 with great motivation to quickly find a record company but it must be supported by a strong and robust strategy. Because this album is really beautiful, beautiful and magical. It would be a crime to leave it lying in drawers. He would have seen fast day and is widely known and disseminated to the public …

That is why today I ask a cry for help to some of you that might help us find a record company amicably joining the volunteer team managers that we have is constituer.Il a transitional management cell we just be friends with volunteers waiting to sign with a professional management structure that we do not have now. For those who might be interested to take us a hand, please kindly contact me by mail (, text message or whatsapps (+33 6 82 719 719). Our goal is to find a record company for my new album Tecla in Europe (France, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium ..), North America (USA, Canada), Asia (Japan, Thailand) or Australia . Our operating under my coordination would be done via email exchanges, whatsapp, skype or videoconferencing kind. With this I am sure we will succeed because we will be several more strong and bound to have good results that this beautiful album Técla deserves it.

Pending from you, yet I tell you once again THANK YOU.

Patrick NOAH

Tel: +33 6 82 719 719

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