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Born in the capital of Cameroon, Patrick Noah began singing at the age of 11 in the choir of his neighborhood. In 1989, seriously ill, he received his first guitar from his mother Técla, whom he never left. Saved by a medecine of his ancestors, as the doctors failed in the diagnose of his disease, Patrick Noah gradually returns to feet and begins a series of compositions. Traditional music and reminders to ancestors are frequent in the texts of Patrick Noah. Mixing ethnic and modern sounds, it gives to this synthesis of musics of African roots the name of AfroMusicS; A genre consisting of the fusion of afro-cuban, latin jazz, afro-caribbean, merengue, salsa, makossa … For Patrick Noah, this constitutes “…  a mainly philosophical objective, aiming to give African music the universal dimension that it deserves by going to the source in order to make the public getting benefit from the magnificent heritage left by our ancestors, Tara: those who went in America, in the Caribbean, in Europe, and those who stayed in Africa … “.

Passionate about Cuban music, Patrick Noah has worked extensively in his artistic projects and albums with musicians from Septeto Araison or Manolito Simonet, as well as with the Bamboleo, Orishas and Los Papines groups.

Singer, guitarist, author, composer, Patrick NOAH plays a music “weaving” or music imbued with Jazz, Afro-Cuban and African roots. To accompany singing and chorus, the instruments played in concert are: electro-acoustic guitar, “tres” Cuban guitar, electric guitar, bass, percussion, drums, maracas, trumpet, saxophone.


patrick-noah-studioThe music of Patrick NOAH is the tasty result of a mix of Afro Cuban rhythms, Bikutsi from Cameroon, rumba of Congo, guaira, merengue, rumba, latin jazz … All united by a common root: Africa.

Guitarist with a very good musical technique, enthusiastic and enthralling singer, Patrick Noah gives to its performances of a catchy sound and a unique style. Patrick NOAH’s stage performances convey a contagious energy that inevitably invites his audience to movement and dance. Accompanied by his Cuban musicians, he offers to his audience, each time, quality, warm and exhilarating concerts

Patrick NOAH’s latest album, is distributed in 22 countries (Europe, USA, Japan, Canada …). This album is the story of an unlikely and unexpected encounter between two cultures: the Cameroonian one with Patrick Noah, the other one Cuban, with Ray Guerrero and his group the Septeto Araison. This album responds to a philosophical objective that is at the heart of its musical quest: exploring music that originates in African music in order to offer the public the heritage left by the ancestors.

From this quest borns what Patrick Noah calls the “AfromusicS”. This new musical concept is inspired by all music from the African musical heritage: afro pure, jazz, afro-cuban, afro-brazilian, blues, afro-caribéen…

Defending the values of solidarity and cross-breeding, Patrick NOAH received the “prize of citizenship for cultural practice” from Jean Louis Débré, former President of the Constitutional Court in France and former President of the French National Assembly . Patrick Noah testifies via his music the universal and original dimension of African music.


Patrick Noah was born in Yaoundé in 1973. Since his childhood, he is imbued with music. Living in a society where singing occupies a primordial place – people sings joy, sadness and also to accompany the daily labor – Patrick did not escape all this. Coming from a Catholic family, for him, to sing is to pray twice. From the age of 11 he joined the choir of his neighborhood and began to write his first songs, one of them entitled “l’école” was presented to the diploma of end of primary studies. In 1989, he received his first guitar from his mother’s hands, Técla. Rocked in a musical universe, he learns quickly, alone, to break through the secrets of this instrument to acquire all mastery and extract new creations. Guided by his passion, he founded his first group with his friends of the university of Yaoundé in 1991. It is the occasion for him to be able to interpret his first compositions at concerts given in the performance halls of Yaoundé. In addition to his many musical activities, Patrick Noah studied pharmacy which took him to France in 1992.

ZAK_2753Patrick was never able to conceive his life without the music “the main source of energy and happiness”. This is why, as soon as he arrived in Grenoble, he created his first band Tropical Gun in 1992 which became Feeling One Music Africa in 1994. The need to return to his origins is increasingly felt in his music. That is why he chose, in 1997, to rename his group Akum Be Tara, which means in the Beti language of Cameroon “the heritage of the ancestors”.

Patrick invents at this at this time the concept of AfromusicS: “… an objective above all philosophical, aimed at giving African music the universal dimension it deserves by going to the source in order to make the public benefit from the magnificent heritage left by our ancestors, Tara: those who moved to America, in the Caribbean, in Europe, and those who stayed in Africa …”.

His maxi single 5 titles “Dzal” released in March 2003 is presented as the fruit of his first reflections. Since its release, it has enjoyed great success in Cameroon and welcomed by music lovers from around the world, notably in Cuba, Africa, France and Canada. His song “Lazare” becomes in May 2003 generic of daily broadcast on the Cameroon radio television. His songs are also broadcast on Cuban radio stations.

His latest album “Sapéria” released at Playasound / Nocturne is the fruit of a weaving between the music of Cameroon and Cuba.

Patrick NOAH also collaborated on the last album of the Canadian Jean Michelius in which he wrote and composed the song “Vincent” or “Ou ka went my Vincent”.


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2005, Winner of the Citizenship Prize for Cultural Practice, awarded by Jean Louis Debré President of the French National Assembly

2012, Patrick Noah is awarded musician “favourite artist” of the city of Ulis near Paris