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This new album “Tecla” by Patrick NOAH recorded in the city of Havana in Cuba is a magnificent synthesis between Afro Cuban, Jazz and African Roots. The album counts eleven songs in which Patrick NOAH sings in seven languages: French, Spanish, Beti, Lingala, Dioula, Creole and Yoruba. This new opus is co-arranged with his friend and accomplice Lino BELET FERNANDEZ (music director of Orishas, guitarist of Sergent Garcia and Dany Brillant in particular). In this disc, Patrick NOAH plays with about fifteen Cuban musicians all belonging to well-known groups as BAMBOLEO, EL TRABUCO (MANOLITO SIMONET) and LOS PAPINES. The album is a captivating mix of traditional Cuban salsa, Son cubano, timba, wawanko, batchata, merengue, zouk, kompa, rock, reggae, blues, jazz and African roots (including bikutsi, makossa, rumba and Mandingue music).

The new album “Tecla” of Patrick NOAH has received the popular support of 109 Internet users from 16 countries around the world including Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, West Indies and Oceania who have co-produced the stages of mixing and mastering.
We can perceive a perfect harmony in the record with the Cuban rapper DAVID EL EMBAJADOR on the songs “Tecla” and “Dzal” in particular, and we can say that Patrick NOAH, in the eleven songs of this new album, knew how to distill all his Humanity, his joy of life, his musicality and his sense of rhythm. Indeed the artist has managed to build with subtlety, very beautiful arrangements in which, the melodies sung blend in fineness with guitars, bass, drums, percussion, piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and violins.
“SAPERIA / Afro Cuban Music”: released in 22 countries around the world (Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong) You can buy songs from the album “Sapéria” via: iTunes , Google Play Music, eMusic, Fnacmusic, Amazon.com, Spotify, Simfy.com, and many more …Album - Saperia


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